Monday, December 9, 2013

Who doesn't love a photo booth?

Clockwise from Top Left: Mr & Mrs Smith, B-Ri, Eds, K-Flem and Kate, the non-bridesmaids Emma and Pam and the most professional photo booth operators of the evening - Mitch and Gabby

The Smiths Elope Part II: The Party

On Saturday 9 November, we celebrated our elopement with family and friends at Studio Neon. 

We had an amazing night, dancing with family, dominating the photo booth and seeing friends old and new.

It was a privilege for us to have our loved ones under one roof.

Thank you to Renee Klioufis for the incredible lolly table, to Aaron from Studio Neon for accommodating our every demand including a last-minute request for the popcorn machine, and to a fabulous mother and mother-in-law - Leonnie - who made one impressive raspberry and white chocolate non-wedding cake.

For two people who were a little afraid of the big wedding experience, we've certainly managed to stretch it out over two equally beautiful events, first in San Francisco and again in Sydney xx

Studio Neon

The amazing lolly table - nothing was left the next day
These ladies
The His n Hers approach to elopement party speeches

Our loved ones x

We just loved this venue, thank you Aaron and the team


The final countdown

Time got the better of us in the lead-up to the Elopement Party, so we're belatedly sharing our photos and memories. The final week was frantic, and we didn't think it would come together, but the craziness soon gave way to organised chaos, and as the family started flying in, the celebrations began x

Clockwise from the Top Left: Toasting the final week, preparing the champagne run for interstate gifts, Mum and my sisters, the spoils of our very early trip to the Flower Markets.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A favourite moment

Our favourite San Francisco moment xx

Some final photos from our Big Day

Rather than inundate our friends on Facebook with wedding photos, we thought we'd post a few more on the Smiths Elope website.
These photos are a little more personal, taken immediately before and during our service x

Waiting nervously for our celebrant...
'I do' 'I do'

A little moment on the stairs at City Hall

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Elopement Party

For everyone who is kindly coming to our Elopement Party in November, we just wanted to post a quick message to offer our assistance with organising accommodation in Sydney.

If there is anything we can do for you at all - whether it is booking or organising accommodation or providing advice on how to get to the venue, please make use of us!

We really appreciate the effort our family and friends are making, and are overwhelmed by the RSVPs that have come through, so please let us know whatever we can do to make it easier for you.

Much love xx

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Smith



The nervous wait and the chocolate chip cookie

One of the most nervous moments of my life; the minutes before we were called to meet our wedding officiate, turned out to be some of the most endearing.
So many people, fellow spouses-to-be, a San Franciscan collecting a copy of her birth certificate, and even our photographer, commented that we looked so calm before such a big, life-changing event. As sure as we were of our decision to elope and as peaceful as I felt knowing we would be making ten years of our life official, I was inwardly stressed. Was my hair going to come loose, what if I accidentally put my heel through my dress, and, why on earth didn't I eat in the nine hours I'd been awake, proceeding the wedding?
It was in that moment, that Adam produced a giant chocolate chip cookie he'd been hiding in his back pocket since we left the hotel. Despite my insistence throughout the day that I was 'fine' and too busy to eat, clearly Adam knew better. So minutes before we were due to get married, we sat in the lobby near the City Hall registry office, going halvsies in a chocolate chip cookie, and I didn't even care about the crumbs on my dress or chocolate chip-stained hands.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Thank you

This is a very belated post, but we wanted to say thank you for all your kind messages and lovely well wishes post our elopement.

We called out parents from Napa Valley the day after our wedding - a strategic move so we could have a wine in hand in case things went south, but the responses, and tears, was overwhelming. We wish now we had have thought to record the conversations.

The US West Coast and New York have been amazing. It's been a bit of a hectic holiday rather than a traditional honeymoon, but we've enjoyed the time away together and look forward to seeing you all soon x


Something old... something new

Something old; my grandmother's broach
Something new; my engagement ring
Something borrowed: the wedding vows
Something blue; the wedding shoes


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The best ever day and the bouquet bandit

Husband and wife!

Our wedding was the best day, from the lovely judge who married us, to our witness and amazing photographer we shared the afternoon with. It all came together, the dress, the bouquet (the cute florist apparently dropped some elbows at the market earlier in the day to secure the peonies I was so hoping for), even the run into City Hall. 

The well wishes we received from complete strangers was very overwhelming and made the day even more special.

Not even an old man who tried to take off with my bouquet - resting against a nearby tree while photos were being taken, could have a negative impact. Our photographer chased him down, action hero style and the bouquet, along with my grandmothers broach, was returned!

I think its fair to say, despite our simple service, we both got a little emotional when exchanging our vows. We're both so excited to call our families later today x

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hello San Francisco


Ten things learnt about organising a secret elopement

by Kate

1. There’s nothing that can’t be solved over a coffee or glass of wine.
2. Boys and girls have different approaches to planning.
3. Elopement is one giant exercise in project management, just on the sly.
4. I am terrible at keeping a secret.
5. Hours get lost to Pinterest.

by Adam

1. Decisiveness; it’s the only way to go.
2. There is a difference between white and ivory.
3. I like having a secret that only Kate and I know about.
4. Kate is a perfectionist. Not true. I already knew that.
5. It doesn’t matter how much preparation you put in, time gets away.

The final countdown

A couple of photos from the final week...

Pam and Em threw a surprise hens. Explaining why I had a penis cake in my kitchen cupboard, to a visiting interstate mate was an interesting experience...

A few late night finishes addressing the elopement party invites...

So, this is a bit of a thing, if you send Mickey and Minnie an invite to your wedding, you get a best wishes card in response. Not sure if it works for elopement parties, we'll see x

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

East Coast vs West Coast

Not long now. I don’t quite know how it’s happened, but the trip has crept up on us a bit, so we’re pretty immersed in last minute-bookings, weighing up restaurant recommendations – we have a lot of foodie friends who have armed us with some great eatery ideas – and working out our sightseeing strategy.

We arrive in San Francisco, to hopefully unwind a bit before the wedding. The day after the wedding we’ll be honeymooning in Napa Valley, where, with a bottle of wine at the ready, we’ll call our family to let them know got married.

A few days in Carmel will wrap-up the West Coast component of our trip before we head to NYC for a week. I’m looking forward to driving the Big Sur, and I’m sure Kate will be armed with the SLR, taking as many photos as she can.

New York will be amazing. Kate’s pretty much planned the West – so lots of French restaurants, wineries and speak easy-style bars. I’ve been in charge of the East, so our agenda consists of baseball, New York pizza, comedy clubs and hearty southern food. I’ve spent some time in NYC before, so I’m looking forward to showing Kate some of the iconic sights. We’re also lucky to have my great uncle in Philadelphia, so we’ll train there for a day to hang out and of course page homage to the Liberty Bell and possibly sneak in a Philly cheese steak sandwich.



Saturday, July 13, 2013

The dress

The wedding dress has finally arrived! Purchased online, it was a slight gamble, but to me it's perfect, floaty, romantic and speaks to an elopement.

Blue shoes. Not traditional, but they were the first pair of shoes I saw, and I loved them immediately. Shoe shopping was the best day, spent with Pam and Emma. We found the shoes immediately and spent the day shopping, chinwagging and drinking cocktails, the best way to spend a day of wedding chores. Both also walked away with considerably more purchases than the bride to be.

I can't wait to wear this dress. It's been sitting in a box in our bedroom, and Adam, super keen to leave the wedding dress reveal until the actual day, hasn't so much snuck a peek, so I can't wait for him to see this dress x

Friday, July 5, 2013

Our photographer and SF 'go to'

Aside from the location (and the bride and groom), the next most important thing to us in planning our elopement, has always been the photographer.

I love a good photo, and as everyone who knows me can attest, I’m an obsessive photo taker. Adam is the best photography assistant going around; his endless patience and ability to swaps lenses at Olympic speed is impressive. At the very early stages of our elopement planning, many a night was spent Googling photographers in the San Francisco area, analysing photos in a way we'd never before.

I feel in love with the photos Laura took at a particular City Hall elopement; they were beautiful and un-intrusive, and the couple looked so completely happy and at ease. Laura is a rare find; she has provided endless advice at every point of the planning process, and has been so keen to get to know us ahead of July 22. Her creativity, dislike of all things boring and enthusiasm for our elopement has been amazing

Tuesday, June 25, 2013