Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The secret groom

Today, two colleagues and another mate asked ‘Are you engaged yet?’ It’s been hard keeping this secret, and aside from looking forward to marrying Kate, it’ll be nice to finally be off the hook.

My approach to secret-keeping has been to remain quiet, and to avoid all talk of relationships and weddings. Kate struggles to keep a secret a little more than me, but her ability to evade, talk around, and flat out lie about where she is and what she’s doing, is as impressive as it is disconcerting.

Every so often, for fun, I drop an ever-so-subtle hint, just to see if someone might work it out. To date no one has.

Our approach to elopement planning is as different as our method of secret-keeping, I’m the logistics guy, Kate’s the creative.  It’s been a great time for us, having this thing that nobody else knows about, planning away, and secretly knowing.

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