Tuesday, July 16, 2013

East Coast vs West Coast

Not long now. I don’t quite know how it’s happened, but the trip has crept up on us a bit, so we’re pretty immersed in last minute-bookings, weighing up restaurant recommendations – we have a lot of foodie friends who have armed us with some great eatery ideas – and working out our sightseeing strategy.

We arrive in San Francisco, to hopefully unwind a bit before the wedding. The day after the wedding we’ll be honeymooning in Napa Valley, where, with a bottle of wine at the ready, we’ll call our family to let them know got married.

A few days in Carmel will wrap-up the West Coast component of our trip before we head to NYC for a week. I’m looking forward to driving the Big Sur, and I’m sure Kate will be armed with the SLR, taking as many photos as she can.

New York will be amazing. Kate’s pretty much planned the West – so lots of French restaurants, wineries and speak easy-style bars. I’ve been in charge of the East, so our agenda consists of baseball, New York pizza, comedy clubs and hearty southern food. I’ve spent some time in NYC before, so I’m looking forward to showing Kate some of the iconic sights. We’re also lucky to have my great uncle in Philadelphia, so we’ll train there for a day to hang out and of course page homage to the Liberty Bell and possibly sneak in a Philly cheese steak sandwich.



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