Friday, July 5, 2013

Our photographer and SF 'go to'

Aside from the location (and the bride and groom), the next most important thing to us in planning our elopement, has always been the photographer.

I love a good photo, and as everyone who knows me can attest, I’m an obsessive photo taker. Adam is the best photography assistant going around; his endless patience and ability to swaps lenses at Olympic speed is impressive. At the very early stages of our elopement planning, many a night was spent Googling photographers in the San Francisco area, analysing photos in a way we'd never before.

I feel in love with the photos Laura took at a particular City Hall elopement; they were beautiful and un-intrusive, and the couple looked so completely happy and at ease. Laura is a rare find; she has provided endless advice at every point of the planning process, and has been so keen to get to know us ahead of July 22. Her creativity, dislike of all things boring and enthusiasm for our elopement has been amazing

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