Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The best ever day and the bouquet bandit

Husband and wife!

Our wedding was the best day, from the lovely judge who married us, to our witness and amazing photographer we shared the afternoon with. It all came together, the dress, the bouquet (the cute florist apparently dropped some elbows at the market earlier in the day to secure the peonies I was so hoping for), even the run into City Hall. 

The well wishes we received from complete strangers was very overwhelming and made the day even more special.

Not even an old man who tried to take off with my bouquet - resting against a nearby tree while photos were being taken, could have a negative impact. Our photographer chased him down, action hero style and the bouquet, along with my grandmothers broach, was returned!

I think its fair to say, despite our simple service, we both got a little emotional when exchanging our vows. We're both so excited to call our families later today x

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