Sunday, August 11, 2013

The nervous wait and the chocolate chip cookie

One of the most nervous moments of my life; the minutes before we were called to meet our wedding officiate, turned out to be some of the most endearing.
So many people, fellow spouses-to-be, a San Franciscan collecting a copy of her birth certificate, and even our photographer, commented that we looked so calm before such a big, life-changing event. As sure as we were of our decision to elope and as peaceful as I felt knowing we would be making ten years of our life official, I was inwardly stressed. Was my hair going to come loose, what if I accidentally put my heel through my dress, and, why on earth didn't I eat in the nine hours I'd been awake, proceeding the wedding?
It was in that moment, that Adam produced a giant chocolate chip cookie he'd been hiding in his back pocket since we left the hotel. Despite my insistence throughout the day that I was 'fine' and too busy to eat, clearly Adam knew better. So minutes before we were due to get married, we sat in the lobby near the City Hall registry office, going halvsies in a chocolate chip cookie, and I didn't even care about the crumbs on my dress or chocolate chip-stained hands.

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