Monday, December 9, 2013

Who doesn't love a photo booth?

Clockwise from Top Left: Mr & Mrs Smith, B-Ri, Eds, K-Flem and Kate, the non-bridesmaids Emma and Pam and the most professional photo booth operators of the evening - Mitch and Gabby

The Smiths Elope Part II: The Party

On Saturday 9 November, we celebrated our elopement with family and friends at Studio Neon. 

We had an amazing night, dancing with family, dominating the photo booth and seeing friends old and new.

It was a privilege for us to have our loved ones under one roof.

Thank you to Renee Klioufis for the incredible lolly table, to Aaron from Studio Neon for accommodating our every demand including a last-minute request for the popcorn machine, and to a fabulous mother and mother-in-law - Leonnie - who made one impressive raspberry and white chocolate non-wedding cake.

For two people who were a little afraid of the big wedding experience, we've certainly managed to stretch it out over two equally beautiful events, first in San Francisco and again in Sydney xx

Studio Neon

The amazing lolly table - nothing was left the next day
These ladies
The His n Hers approach to elopement party speeches

Our loved ones x

We just loved this venue, thank you Aaron and the team


The final countdown

Time got the better of us in the lead-up to the Elopement Party, so we're belatedly sharing our photos and memories. The final week was frantic, and we didn't think it would come together, but the craziness soon gave way to organised chaos, and as the family started flying in, the celebrations began x

Clockwise from the Top Left: Toasting the final week, preparing the champagne run for interstate gifts, Mum and my sisters, the spoils of our very early trip to the Flower Markets.